Climbing Walls

Imagine fulfilling your dream of having your very own climbing wall. Transform plain walls into dynamic canvases adorned with state-of-the-art holds, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity. The world of indoor climbing is constantly advancing, featuring vibrant new color schemes and innovative shapes, all powered by cutting-edge equipment and technology. At ICP, we offer top-notch gear and unparalleled industry expertise to meet all your climbing wall requirements.

A bouldering gym with white, red and black paint work built by international climbing wall builder, ICP. The walls are filled with various colourful holds and volumes.
Climb ICP's signature grey carpeted climbing mats surrounded by a high quality timber trim. The mats are located below a colourful climbing wall.

Climbing Mats

ICP Mats represent a groundbreaking advancement in safety and durability within the industry, establishing a new benchmark as the most secure and resilient mats available. Engineered with precision to minimize safety risks, these mats ensure climbers can focus on their ascent with peace of mind. With a comprehensive range of bouldering and rope mats, catering to various climbing styles, ICP ensures customization options that seamlessly integrate into new or existing gym designs, meeting all essential safety standards.

Climbing Holds

Experience the evolution of route setting with ICP Volumes. Designed in perfect synergy with ICP Walls, these volumes seamlessly wrap around aretes, presenting a myriad of thrilling route setting possibilities. Learn more about our revolutionary ICP Raps system. We also distribute the newest shapes from the top hold manufacturers from around the world, ranging from competition-level fibreglass macros to the classic grips all climbers love. Discover the latest and greatest holds at ICP!

A route setter placing a black hold cross a wooden ICP volume and a climbing wall at ICP Boulderhall & Showroom. The climbing wall is tall and white, which also has a unique wooden detail across the bottom.