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Climbing Walls, Matting & Auto Belay Servicing

In a perfect world climbing would be 100% safe. The reality is that safety is an ever-present issue that is everyone’s responsibility – designers, manufacturers, gym owners, wall builders, route setters and ultimately, climbers.

Thankfully, many potential issues and hazards can be identified and addressed before turning into problems when routine inspections, servicing and maintenance is carried out. You need to protect your gym, your staff and your insurance should an incident occur.

Annual Wall Inspections

Wall inspections need to be done in accordance with AS 2316.1.1 for Artificial Climbing Structures in Australia. Comprehensive yearly inspections are to be performed by an external individual or company. An ICP wall inspection covers the entire Artificial Climbing Structure – from the top of the foundation to the structural frame, fasteners, anchors, plus wear and tear on matting and climbing surfaces.

Safety Matting Drop Testing

Annual testing on bouldering IAS (Impact Attenuation System) is required to ensure surface hardness and HIC (Head Impact Criteria) thresholds are not exceeded. ICP has a 4 tests per site minimum, with the Australian standards specifying a minimum of one test site for every 10 lineal metres of wall. For rope walls, safety matting needs to drop tested every 3 years to be inline with Australian Standards.

Auto Belay Servicing & Maintenance

Auto belay devices need to be serviced in accordance with each manufacturer’s specifications. Some auto belays need to be serviced every 6 months, some are every 2 years, with the majority needing servicing each year. ICP is a certified Perfect Descent Auto Belay servicing specialist.