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Bouldering Walls Designed in Australia

With a dedicated, in-house architect and design team, we provide quick and unique designs for your bouldering wall. All designs are created at our Headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, and each venue is unique to our clients’ vision. With over 1000 colours to choose from, our architect will create you the wall of your dreams! Our custom carpet-top boulder matting is then designed to fit your venue perfectly. It is tested against Australian fire regulations and meets all Australian Standards.

Behind The Scenes

Our stunning black climbing wall frame will perfectly complement your beautiful indoor boulder wall. This innovative modular wall design interlocks smoothly and our construction method enables your walls to be moved or altered as required. We offer both steel and wood frame options.

Colour Your World

With thousands of colours and combinations to choose from, you can make your bouldering wall design as simple or as complex as you like! Choose from a range of colour swatches or wood finishes, it’s all easy at ICP.

Nuts about T-nuts

No more blocked bolts with clear t-nuts! Screw in (not hammer in) for a sturdier, longer lasting t-nut. We offer imperial as standard but also have metric available – we cater to your preferences.

Subtle Attachments

We offer to build discreet access panels with all our bouldering walls, so subtle you won’t even know they’re there.

Feature Boulder Wall Projects

The Crux Bouldering

The Crux has all bouldering angles covered; with a cave, lengthy arch, two slabs, and a 35° wall. ICP custom boulder matting is spread throughout the venue. More about Crux Bouldering.

Inspired by bamboo fields, Flow allowed plenty of room to incorporate chill-out areas and spaces to socialise. It features over 340m² of bouldering problems! Read more about Flow Climbing.

This bouldering wall expansion project features a prow (prominent climbing outcrop) and fixed kilter board. See all the stats and figures and design notes from our Climb Fit project.

Boulder Wall Safety Matting

Safety mats around a bouldering wall are required by law. Not only does our matting far exceed Australian Standards, but it looks stylish as well! For more information about our industry leading safety matting check out: Boulder Wall Mats

ICP Climbing Matting Diagram

We do it all and more!

At ICP, we hold a deep appreciation for the distinctiveness and innovation of our newest offerings. Yet, amidst these, our foundational choices shine as well. Discover our range of wall textures, colors, capping, storage, matting, and beyond. With a rich history of 14 years in global wall construction, we deliver all industry essentials.

ICP Offers Others Offer
ICP Skins Yes No
ICP Raps Yes No
Steel Structure Yes Yes
Wooden Structure Yes Some
Truly Modular Yes Say they are
In-house Design Yes Some
Saftey Mats Yes Not as Safe
Holds & Volumes Distribution Yes Yes
World Wide Yes Some
Texture/ Surface Selection Yes Some
End to End Quality Control Yes Some
Wood Finish/ Custom Paint Yes Yes
Dual Texture Walls Yes Some
Route Setting Support Yes Some
Payment Plans Yes Yes


Bouldering IFSC World Cups

The bouldering World Cups have only been with us for a little over 2 decades under various governing bodies (lead has been around 10 years more). Europeans dominated the sport for many years up until recently when the sport exploded in Asia, heavily influencing world cup titles from then on. From 2015 five of the last six world championships, the champion was either from Japan or South Korea!

Here is Kokoro Fujii, from Japan, winning the 2021 Bouldering World Championship: