Our Story
A Message from Rob Parer (CEO):

I founded ICP in 2009, starting with the introduction of streamlined training boards, and later venturing into custom home climbing walls. Throughout our journey, we have experienced growth and left a lasting impression on the climbing community. We launched the ICP Social Series in 2012, uniting Australian gyms through themed events for three years. As part of my commitment to the sport, I served on the board for Sport Climbing Australia and co-founded Sport Climbing Queensland.

ICP’s dedication to innovation led to partnerships with Walltopia, enabling us to sell climbing walls in Australia initially using foreign installers. However, we later took full control by establishing our design department and installer team, allowing us to handle complete wall builds independently. In 2019, we expanded globally by establishing our factory in Europe, giving us access to the best climbing wall materials worldwide. As a result, we started designing and producing our boulder matting, driven by our belief in creating safer and superior climbing equipment. Through our journey, ICP continues to grow and positively impact the climbing community, and I take immense pride in our achievements.


The Team at ICP, from CEO to Designer to Installer, are all passionate climbers at heart. We all strongly believe that with the right tools climbing can change a person’s life.


Creativity and quality are at the heart of every design, project and thought at ICP. We strive to provide each client with the most innovative and complete solution to their dream build.


With over 14 years of climbing wall building experience, ICP has the systems, experience and team to take on any project world wide.

Our Partners

As advocates of the climbing community, we take pride in our association with: