Play it safe with
ICP Mats

Prioritize safety with ICP Mats. Our unwavering commitment to climbers’ and setters’ safety drives us to produce specialized matting for both bouldering and lead facilities. This matting incorporates an interlocking system that effectively eliminates gaps and entrapment risks. Designed to enhance durability, it also enables setters to work confidently above the mats for extended periods. Our mats boast a superior aesthetic with a carpet top layer that’s a marked improvement over traditional, less appealing vinyl options.
An engineer testing the safety of ICP mats using a measuring equipment. The climbing mats are grey and surrounded by a colourful ICP climbing wall.
The bouldering mats installed by ICP are covered by grey carpet and dark grey connectors. The Mats are also surrounded by a stylish white and green climbing wall filled with colourful climbing routes and holds.

Bouldering Mats

For bouldering, our mats are precision pre-cut to perfectly match your setup, offering a custom fit that eradicates movement and surface rippling, even during heavy usage and setting. They stand as the highest quality and safest option available on the market,. Our timber trim prevents the mats from shifting, providing an extra layer of stability and durability. Solid to walk on and soft to fall on.

Rope Mats

For rope matting, our advanced rope mats reduce deceleration gradually, ensuring a gentle catch. The seamless design, integrated with the wall’s aesthetics, boasts a chalk-absorbing carpet cover for a cleaner venue. With a 60mm thickness, our rope mats prioritize safety and comfort.

Seamless rope climbing mats installed under a orange climbing walls. The climbin gym is built next to a beautiful river and green backdrop.