ICP Volumes

The perfect extension to any climbing wall. Precision crafted using our in-house CNC machine, using the highest quality 21mm ply wood sourced from Europe.

Rap it

Designed to seamlessly extend the surface of your walls and increase the canvas for your setters to work their magic. Eliminate the guess work and set with confidence every time.

Stack it

Each ICP Volume is engineered to stack within its set, increasing depth and angles with ease.

Place it

Designed with setting in mind, ICP Volumes consists of a diverse range of high and low volume options for different scenarios.

Meet the Family

Envisioned by our team of seasoned setters and designers each set of volumes in our collection has a unique personality and character.

Totally Customizable

ICP Volumes can be tailored to match the aesthetic of your existing climbing facility or new build.
Custom paint work, Dual Texture finishes, Wood finishes and more.