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Supporting The Climbing Industry

The team at ICP strive to help spread the joy climbing all around the world. We are keen to see climbing walls in every city, every town and every other suburb. And at the centre we want every indoor climber to send it safely.

ICP offers a range of services for climbing gyms (or anyone with a commercial climbing wall) that focus on safety, giving gym owners and staff less to worry about. We also love helping clients get their first gym, then working with them and seeing them thrive!

Wall Inspections, Maintenance & Servicing

Wall inspections are required each year keep in line with Australian Standards, to examine fasteners, anchor points, the structural frame and help track wear and tear. Safety matting drop testing needs to be carried out yearly for bouldering walls and once every 3 years for rope matting. Auto belay servicing frequency needs to be done in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

Wall Finance

Don’t let financing get in the way of building a climbing gym. ICP has finance brokers with vast experience in commercial sporting and fitness industries, who can help guide applicants to the best outcome. ICP also has instalment plans for our clients to help distribute costs across the duration of the build.

Events & Sponsoring

ICP has a long history of event and athlete sponsorships across Australia. For venues holding large climbing events we can provide prizes and holds for the event, in exchange for shoutouts, banners and social mentions. We can also provide competition level route setting services, as ICP has 3 route setters who have set for state championships.