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We know how many holds you will need, what colours will work best and how many routes will fit. ICP makes it look awesome and perform perfectly.

Climbing gym route setting is our specialty, and we especially love completing new gyms, jam packed full of exciting sets. We have over a dozen local and international holds suppliers and we love showcasing new grips on new walls. We have our own team of dedicated Route Setters to look after every route setting need. Whether it is a new build fit-out, a wall upgrade or large industry holds orders, we have the experience to make it happen.

Help evolve route setting

We have even released our own route setter friendly volumes – ICP Raps – that work with ICP Walls to help extend flat surfaces. With Raps, ICP have unlocked new areas of route setting and creative possibilities to be explored.


From beginner to advanced, our route mapping system allows us to provide an even spread of easy to hard grades throughout your gym.

Always learning

At ICP we never want to stop learning which is why our team takes a route setting class with our Route Setting Manager Bek every Friday! We’re very lucky to have our own wall at our Headquarters in Brisbane, specifically for experimenting and growing the industry.

Taking the guesswork out

Ordering holds for the first time can be daunting. We aim to make ordering simple, and can offer advice on holds selection including colours, shapes and brands.


Taking your gym to new heights

Whether from the ground, a scissor lift or a rope, we’ll get to the height we need to set your gym! We’ve set gyms as small as 100m2 and as large as 2200m2 so we’re psyched to tackle your route setting project – big or small.