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Custom Bouldering Safety Matting Installer

At ICP we’re completely transforming the climbing industry with our safest and most resilient bouldering matting yet. Our hybrid composites enable soft catches from height with an incredibly fast recovery time. We also developed a robust surface that greatly reduces any entrapment risks to climbers, while also offering a safe firm surface for route setters to work over. Our matting is custom fitted into place, stopping all movement and rippling in the surface even during heavy use.  All this is topped off with a soft, smooth carpet trim to keep your walls clean and climbers happy.

Keeping Climbers Safer – Why Our Mats Are Number One

Route Set Safer with a Firmer Surface For Ladders

It doesn’t matter how you like to route set, ICP mats are designed for a safer, more stable work surface. This reduces the risk of ladder movement and damage to the matting cover. Set smart, set safe.

Climb Harder for Longer with Our Stunning Timber Trim

Our natural wooden border protects your boulder matting from high foot traffic and reduces shifting over time. This reduces the breakdown of the foam around the outer matting perimeter and increases its life span.

Avoid Entrapment with Our Revolutionary Soft-Catch Flooring

Never worry about limb entrapments again thanks to our innovative floating floor. Ankles and hands can move, slide and turn freely while the perimeter has a double reinforced no-gap edge – so you can climb hard on any angled wall.

Keeping it Real. Keeping it Clean

At ICP, we’re always working to improve the products we have on offer.

Years in the industry has shown us that vinyl-top matting can lead to dirtier walls, as chalk and grime sticks to the bottom of climber’s shoes. Carpet-top matting however, cleans the bottom of climber’s shoes as they walk around or come off the wall – perfect for helping your walls stay cleaner for longer!

Your gym will be healthier and look great every day with ICP mats. Our custom mat cover traps dust particles from air, climbers shoes and even their hands – stopping shoe grime and chalk going onto your walls!

Boulder Wall Safety Matting Dimensions

Safety mats around a bouldering wall are required by law. Our 400mm high-absorption matting is the safest on the market. ICP are the only climbing wall safety mat installers using a design that prevents entrapment between the mat and the wall.

ICP Climbing Matting Diagram