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Play your way. ICP Play is a modular system with a wide range of climbing challenges and obstacles. Designed for the children of today, to become the climbers of tomorrow.

Choose your own adventure!

Rope free bouldering for Children to find their own creativity.


Boulder Islands are a series of interconnected boulders that can stand on their own or be grouped with each other. Bouldering does not require ropes or harnesses and it is a great starting point for the climbers of tomorrow. With ICP Play, you can build a bouldering wall as large or small as you like up to 3.0m in height.


The Stem wall is a multi-functional climbing obstacle. Allowing kids optional ways to climb on, in and around the wall. Traverse, stem or simply climb into the geo nook hangouts.


The Geo Nook is a modular wall that is climbable on both sides and has hexagonal holes and little caves within its structure. Can be combined with other ICP Play Obstacles.


The Rope Block is a 1.5m high sloped rope climb. Challenging kids to ascend to new heights, conquering challenges that help unlock new skills and abilities. Can be integrated with other ICP Play obstacles, and have modifications such as tunnels added.


Climb geo volumes, rings and blocks. These towers are 3m in height. Bouldering style climbs allowing total freedom to wander about, climb and enjoy. No harnesses, ropes, or preparation required. Jump on and play. 


Four sided pillars with extruding blocks. At 3m in height, challenge your traverse skills, climbing ability and create your own adventures. These towers area great addition to any ICP Play configuration.


Parkour Blocks can be used in a myriad of ways. Create jumping launch pads, slab banks and corners – or simply attach them to your climbing walls as volumes. Design your own obstacle course when combined with other ICP Play products. 


The Pommel Horse is comprised of 3 stackable blocks. Assemble the smal, medium and large shapes in various ways to create unique obstacles. Various levels of complexity can be achieved which make this a great addition to any ICP Play area. 


Modular balance beams – In theme with our other ICP Play offerings – the balance beams can be connected to one another in various ways, allowing the freedom to create fresh new challenges for kids to hone in their balancing skills. 

Do you have a childrens climbing space in mind?

Because ICP Play is interchangeable – you can mix and match combinations of climbing systems to create your own unique design. 

The Carbon Positive Climbing Company

We do not use materials from any country that does not respect human rights.

Not only are we carbon positive but we are also working to remove all unethically sourced materials from our supply chain.