Ballina, Australia
Climbing Jungle

Message from the Architect
‘Limitless Possibility’

Inspirations drawn from the beauty of the coastal region and its shipyard origins motivated the concepts depicted in the design.

All options have been considered in the vision of this facility. Bouldering walls, lead and speed walls all competition ready, a mezzanine level with tope rope and children’s climbing section complete with slide and viewing area.

With a strong desire to optimise the venues’ ability to house hundreds of meters of climbing wall, the concept has also taken viewing & spectators into account to ensure the walls are heroed at every turn.

A gym designed within the Olympic age of climbing in mind, Climbing Jungle is a space that evokes passion, inspiration, and a sense of limitless possibility – fit for today’s modern climber.


Site Size


Wall Height 


Climbable Surface


Paint Design Style