Climbing Walls

Welcome to ICP Walls, where we specialize in delivering cutting-edge and custom climbing solutions. Our dedicated, in-house architects and design team ensure swift and distinctive designs for your climbing walls, developed at our Australian Headquarters to perfectly embody your vision. Beyond design, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services, from engineering and project management to installation, and climbing holds. With an extensive selection of bouldering and rope wall solutions, premium wall panels, and competition-level holds, we handle every aspect to get you up and running.
A sleek black, grey and white bouldering gym consisting of climbing walls and safety matting built by rock climbing wall builders ICP.

ICP Skins

Introducing ICP Skins – the world’s first interchangeable panel system that reinvents your climbing walls. Instantly change the aesthetics, durability, and versatility of your climbing gym. This groundbreaking innovation empowers you to replace panels or even transform your entire wall with ease. With ICP Skins, keeping up with trends, maintaining a fresh appearance, and prolonging the lifespan of your facility has never been simpler
Not just a visual upgrade, ICP Skins gives route setters the power to create unique challenges. Route setters now have access to a range of different textured panels, pushing creative boundaries beyond holds and volumes. Setters can now think bigger than what can go on a wall, and ask “what do I want the wall to be today?”

ICP Raps:
Think Outside the Box

ICP Raps is a combination ICP Walls & ICP volumes designed in symmetry with each other, where all angles are carefully engineered to work together. Changing how route setters think and how climbing walls are designed. These volumes intentionally ‘wrap’ edges, creating extended climbing surfaces. Take your ideas to the edge and over them, bringing new dimension and variation to your walls with every set. When Raps are placed on a climbing wall beside an angle change, the result is an extension of the flat surface that allows holds to be bolted firmly across the wall and the volume.
two grey wooden volumes are being set upon each other by an ICP route setter.
The metal tension ares are black which are supporting the inside portion of a wooden climb wall built by ICP walls.

Easy to install

Experience the future of climbing wall systems with our revolutionary wooden frame design. Our truly modular approach redefines convenience, making installation a breeze for any building industry professional. Our system significantly diminishes the necessity for specialized climbing wall installers, allowing any building professional to install with ease. Engineered to perfection and rigorously safety tested, our wall system is a solid solution. Being a fully modular system, our walls are adaptable to your evolving needs; it’s easily disassembled and relocated, providing the ultimate future-proof solution.

Wood or Steel

We’ve innovatively developed two distinct framing options to cater to your needs. The first is the effortlessly installable wooden option, designed for simplicity and efficiency. The second is the highly customizable solid steel choice, allowing you to tailor the frame according to your precise requirements.

Our modular wooden frame option presents a cost-effective advantage that eliminates the need for specialized climbing wall specialist installers. Its modular system not only facilitates swift installation but also secures the flexibility to relocate your gym down the line. The wooden frame, despite its lightweight composition, is a sturdy solution for your walls..

As the industry standard material, steel embodies an impressive strength and remarkable structural integrity, ensuring a reliable and enduring solution. Whether your preference leans towards a free-standing structure or integration with an existing framework, steel is seamlessly customizable to your needs. It’s important to note that the robust nature of steel comes hand in hand with its weight, and installation requires climbing wall installation specialists.

We do it all and more!

At ICP, we hold a deep appreciation for the distinctiveness and innovation of our newest offerings. Yet, amidst these, our foundational choices shine as well. Discover our range of wall textures, colors, capping, storage, matting, and beyond. With a rich history of 14 years in global wall construction, we deliver all industry essentials.

ICP Offers Others Offer
ICP Skins Yes No
ICP Raps Yes No
Steel Structure Yes Yes
Wooden Structure Yes Some
Truly Modular Yes Say they are
In-house Design Yes Some
Saftey Mats Yes Not as Safe
Holds & Volumes Distribution Yes Yes
World Wide Yes Some
Texture/ Surface Selection Yes Some
End to End Quality Control Yes Some
Wood Finish/ Custom Paint Yes Yes
Dual Texture Walls Yes Some
Route Setting Support Yes Some
Payment Plans Yes Yes