ICP Walls
Climbing Wall Types

Whether you’re in search of a dedicated boulder hall, a rope climbing gym, a specialised speed wall, or an all-encompassing training facility, ICP Walls offers the perfect solution for your dream project.

Bouldering Walls

The most common type of climbing wall, perfect for smaller facilities allowing for climbing walls up to 4.9m. Bouldering wall angles also vary between -3º (slab climbing) to 90º (roof climbing). Bouldering is a versatile style of climbing suitable for beginners and seasoned climbers.

Rope Walls

ICP’s unique rope walls are custom designed to cater for both lead and top-rope climbing:

  • Top rope and auto-belay walls are a versatile choice for climbers of all levels, featuring the use of a top-anchored rope.
  • Lead climbing is an advanced climbing technique, where climbers attach the rope to established draws as they ascend the wall.

Speed Walls

ICP provides several standardised speed climbing wall options:

  • 15m tall wall (40 handholds and 22 footholds)
  • Segmented speed walls for training.