ICP Volumes

Explore the ICP Volumes collection, offering an expanding selection of high and low volume choices crafted by setters, for setters. Customizable in various colors, our volumes effortlessly harmonize with your gym’s style and grading approach. Designed and engineered to work flawlessly with the ICP Raps system, they also excel independently. Each set offers exclusive stacking possibilities, empowering you to craft truly distinctive climbing routes with limitless creativity and versatility.
huge grey coloured wooden ICP volumes being set on a white wall by a route setter wearing a red t-shirt.
A bouldering gym built by ICP walls, filled with colourful climbing holds. A climber is climbing the holds in the background, while a couple is sitting at tables in the foreground.

Holds & Macros

ICP is the distributor for many of the top holds manufacturers across the globe. Our range encompasses competition-grade fiberglass and the latest polyurethane holds, as well as the essential, streamlined, and budget-friendly options to fill your climbing walls. Check out our list of brands below or get in touch for a quote.