IFSC Certified Speed Walls

ICP specialises in strength & safety

Any climbing facility aiming to offer a comprehensive climbing experience must incorporate an indoor speed climbing wall, the latest iteration of competitive climbing. Having gained increased popularity in the past decade, speed climbing has recently achieved Olympic sport status for the first time! Two competitors climb the exact same course side by side and whoever hits the timer at the top first wins. It’s 15 metres straight up with a mix of power and memory – or to be precise it is on a slight 5° incline!

  • Speed wall sizes: Competition speed walls are 15m high and come with two lanes that are 3m wide each. We also do segmented speed walls for training.
  • Everything is standardised: Other then the height options everything else is the same. The brand of holds, orientation and the placement is always the same
  • Holds: Speed climbing walls are only correctly used with Volx holds
  • Rope wall matting: Custom ICP safety matting

Why choose Climb ICP?

We build with a modular steel design

Our steel is strong and our tension arms are fixed tight.
Walls that are modular are easier to upgrade and makes panels easier to replace.

We Only Use High Grade Materials

Walls made with steel will last much longer than traditional wooden frames.
Premium quartz coated panels works well for wall grip but we’re constantly improving!

Our European Factory is Ready to Go

As climbers, our standards are very high. Now we control our product quality.
Closer to raw materials and easy to ship to all countries in Europe.

Working to reduce our impact on our environment

ICP is now carbon neutral with our electricity offset at both the factory and offices.
We are in the process of moving towards zero singles use plastics in our shipping.