ICP Raps

Welcome to the future of climbing volumes. ICP Raps is set to revolutionize route setting and the future of climbing wall design.

Think Outside The Box

Explore the ICP Raps system! Our expert team of route setters and engineers have carefully crafted ICP climbing walls and volumes to seamlessly harmonize, empowering you to unleash your creativity and expand the limits of your walls and route setting.

How ICP Raps Work

ICP Raps™️ and ICP Walls are made in symmetry with each other, where all angles are carefully measured and work together. When ICP Volumes are placed on a climbing wall along an angle change, the result is an extension of the flat surface. This allows setters to attached holds past the original angle change.

Designed to Perfection

Every angle transition in an ICP Walls project is meticulously designed to seamlessly match the angles of corresponding volumes in the ICP Volumes Family.

Extend Your Canvas

While the ICP Raps system is primarily tailored for seamless integration with ICP Walls and Volumes, we recognize that existing climbing facilities may wish to enhance their walls with ICP Volumes. Our team at ICP can efficiently assess your facility’s angles and recommend suitable ICP Volumes for your climbing center.