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Featuring an in-house architect and design team committed to excellence, we offer quick and creative designs for your bouldering wall. All designs originate from our headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, ensuring each venue is tailored to our clients’ specific vision. Choose from a palette of over 1000 colours, and our architect will craft the bouldering wall of your dreams! Complementing this, our custom carpet-top boulder matting is meticulously designed to seamlessly fit your venue. Rigorously safety tested against European and Australian safety standards.

ICP Build Stats:

  • Wall Features: Slab to steep, cave, prow, training walls, free standing walls
  • Wall angles: vary between -3º (slab climbing) to 90º (roof climbing)
  • Businesses: Climbing gyms, schools, athletic clubs, fitness centres & weights gyms
  • Boulder Matting: 400mm high ICP Specialty Mats, vinyl safety mats
  • Holds Brands Used: Flathold, Cheeta, Kilter, AIX, 360 Holds, Grizzly, Working Class, Elevation, Satellite, Simpl, Dimension Volumes, Kingdom Climbing, Tension Climbing

We build walls in harmony with route setting

We build with a modular steel or wood design

We only use high grade materials from Europe

We have our own engineers and factory

3D Renders of Every Project

All clients receive 3D renders of their project. ICP boulder walls strictly follow European Standards BS EN 12572-1:2017.

Check out the Render vs Finished Product slider below.

Bouldering wall 3D renderPost build Boiuldering wall

We are passionate about everything we do and love contributing to the climbing community. Delivering bouldering walls that are sleek and strong is something we pride ourselves on. If you want the best walls in the climbing world you need ICP.