Melbourne, Australia
Onsight Climbing

Message from the Architect
‘Future Proof’

Onsight Climbing gym is the latest bouldering gym offering in Melbourne’s East. The gym consists of two main bouldering walls spanning both sides of the venue with a campus board tucked neatly away in the rear of the building.

Optimising space through design, the walls provide a myriad of angle changes, lips and aerates that comply with our ICP Rap system. Stacking and wrapping ICP volumes on the designed locations allows for route setters to change the look and feel of the gym time and time again.

This approach to design allows us to consider how to create a space that will not only look and climb great, but also help the client evolve the gym’s look and feel into the future. Ensuring there are always ways to offer up something new and fresh for members and patrons.”


Site Size


Wall Height 


Climbable Surface


Paint Design Style