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Holds, Volumes & Macros

Want the latest and greatest holds? You’ve come to the right place. ICP is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for many of the top holds manufacturers across Europe, America and Japan. From competition-level fibreglass and polyurethane holds that climbers dream of, to the simple, sleek and affordable volumes that are needed when filling out your gym, we can do it all. Many of the best-selling holds and macros are stocked in our warehouse, but are also available to order from our online store. When only the best will do, ICP will help you choose the right holds for the right place at the right price. Visit the ICP store

ICP Volumes: Signature volumes ready to change the future of route setting and wall design.

Kilter Holds: IFSC Authorised Brand and still number 1 on the CBJ Grip List!

Kilter Holds

360 Holds: From Slovenia, 360 Holds feature in many climbing events around the world.

360 Holds

Satellite Holds: From Japan, Satellite brings new and exciting holds to the industry.

Satellite Holds

Kingdom Climbing: Of Psicobloc fame, simple designs equates to cheaper holds.

Kingdom Climbing

Grizzly Holds: Memorable holds with a wide range of holds well priced & easy to set with.

Grizzly Holds

Flathold Holds: Stunning holds straight out of Switzerland, inspired by a master route setter.

Flathold Volumes & Holds

Cheeta Holds: French company Cheeta have been creating competition holds for 30 years.

Cheeta Holds

Simpl Volumes: Sleek and simple designs identified by their prism inspired shapes.

Simpl Holds

Urban Plastix: Years of sculpting experience, successes include their iconic Tremors sets.

Urban Plastix Holds

AG Holds: From China, premium climbing holds that defy gravity with strong and light designs.

Arctic Grips: From Norway, innovative climbing holds inspired by stunning northern landscapes.

Next Climbing Holds: From Spain, durable fiberglass macros and cutting-edge PU technology.

Trickit Holds: From Bulgaria, these holds merge championship climbing experience with sculpting mastery.

Climbing Hold Materials

Fibreglass Holds and Volumes

Modern fibreglass is a great material for climbing holds. Light and strong, it’s the perfect choice for perfect climbs. The weight benefits mean you’ll often find larger holds or volumes in this material.

Wooden Holds and Volumes

Natural wood holds are great for training, and some climbers prefer the feel of timber. These days volumes are being used for climbing all over, not just extending out parts of the wall.

Polyurethane and Polyester Holds

Polyester holds were around before polyurethane, and you’ll find it’s a firmer material. With polyurethane came holds that were softer, less dry, and less likely to crack under pressure.

Resource Hub | Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Climbing Holds

We know how to look after holds so they last you as long as possible. Want to know the right way to clean, the right temperatures to look out for, and how to use your holds so they wear evenly? They’re just some of the topics we cover.

Visit the ICP Resource Hub