Last month in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the Halls and Walls climbing expo was like a bustling bazaar for the climbing industry worldwide. Our CEO, Rob Parer, jumped right into the action, soaking up the vibe and keeping a keen eye on the trends. From all the offerings of new gear on display, a few brands really stood out. Let’s take a look at our team’s top picks from this year’s show.

AG Holds

Anti Gravity Climbing Holds, started in 2017 from humble garage beginnings in China. Their team has transformed into a dedicated force focused on delivering premium-grade climbing holds. Using innovative PU material, they craft lighter, stronger, and visually stunning holds, redefining gravity with each piece.

Arctic Grips

This Norwegian company aspires to become a locally rooted yet globally recognised provider of innovative climbing holds. They bring a blend of experience as route setters and climbers. Drawing inspiration from the majestic northern landscapes, they embrace the challenge of translating nature’s grandeur into captivating indoor holds with a sense of reverence and admiration. Their Nordic Flowers Range is equally Impressive as it is unique.

Next Climbing Holds

Next Climbing Holds specialises in crafting robust fibreglass macros. Their latest line boasts cutting-edge fibreglass technology, ensuring durability without compromising on a lightweight feel. Their recent addition, the PU line, upholds their dedication to quality craftsmanship, seamlessly complementing their premium collection of climbing holds, all proudly manufactured in Spain.


Trickit Climbing Holds, nestled in Bulgaria, combines Vassil Kirov’s championship climbing background and coaching experience with Stefan Vepshek’s fine art sculpting expertise. With over a decade in crafting climbing gear and pioneering casting technologies and Stefan’s 15 years of climbing insight, Trickit delivers top-quality, cutting-edge climbing holds.

Rob’s parting thoughts on the event:

“Overall, it’s always great to catch up with friends within the industry and see what people are up to. It’s always interesting to see how climbing holds evolve over the years and all the little steps taken each year to progress. It’s amazing how every year, just when you think they can’t go any further, climbing holds evolve in new and exciting ways. With such an abundance of holds on display, it was good to connect with the brands that sparked my imagination and passion for setting.”