In 2023, Climb ICP undertook an exhilarating journey filled with significant milestones, expansive growth, and groundbreaking projects in the field of climbing. The past year has been a whirlwind of various projects and events taking place worldwide, making it challenging to capture all our accomplishments. To wrap up the year, during our final staff meeting, we gathered our team to reflect and identify the three most notable achievements for ICP in 2023.

ICP Boulder Hall & Showroom

In early 2023, Climb ICP launched the year with an exciting feat—the grand introduction of the ICP Boulder Hall & Showroom. This rapid transformation from the GRIPD kids training facility to a comprehensive climbing centre for all ages was one of our fastest retrofit projects, completed within just four weeks. The revamped facility now boasts our competition climbing wall, three ICP Homes featuring a Kilter Board, Tension Board, and Spraywall, a dedicated hangboard station, stretching area, and a vibrant showroom. This endeavor has been a rich learning experience, fostering our community by hosting diverse workshops and events aimed at educating and uniting climbers. We’ve recently upgraded our mats too, and anticipate numerous upcoming enhancements in 2024, so keep an eye out for further updates!

Our Premier Gym Build in the USA for California Climbing Collective

March witnessed a pivotal moment for Climb ICP as designs commenced on our inaugural gym build in the United States. Bringing our expertise and passion for climbing to a new audience, the ‘California Collective Project’ project promises to embody Climb ICP’s dedication to innovation, community, and delivering unparalleled climbing experiences. Installation begins in early 2024, so keep your eyes peeled for an opening date soon!

Highlight Build of 2023 : Adrenaline Vault Cockburn

Throughout the year, Climb ICP persisted in pushing boundaries and collaborating on projects that redefine the climbing landscape. Notably, the construction of Adrenaline Vault Cockburn in Perth exemplified our commitment to fostering connections and contributing to the expansion of the climbing community. The Adrenaline Vault project, marked by innovation and quality, reinforced Climb ICP’s position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Honourable Mention – 4 New Hold Brands Added

Following an exciting journey to Halls & Walls in Germany this past November, ICP expanded our distribution pool by integrating four new hold brands: AG Climbing Holds, Next Climbing Holds, Arctic Grips, and Trickit Holds, marking significant additions to our offerings. These brands were the ones that sparked our imagination for setting and demonstrated high quality in their manufacturing. Look out for new offerings from these brands in 2024, as new products will be on their way!

As we conclude our exhilarating year in review, Climb ICP extends heartfelt gratitude to our incredible climbing community for joining us on this incredible journey throughout 2023. Your unwavering support and passion for climbing have fueled our drive to innovate, create, and push boundaries. Wishing each and every one of you a joyous New Year filled with countless adventures, thrilling climbs, and boundless opportunities to reach new heights. Here’s to a luminous 2024 ahead, filled with shared triumphs, exploration, and continued growth. Happy New Year from all of us at ICP!