Making route setting more accessible

Introducing BoulderCraft: a trilogy of route setting workshops for beginners, intermediates, and advanced setters. Our aim is to establish a foundational baseline for the climbing industry, offering a safe, creative space for all route setters to learn, grow, and be inspired.

BoulderCraft Entry

Introductory route setting workshop aimed at establishing a foundational baseline for aspiring commercial setters, involving safety, setting fundamentals, and expert tips.

BoulderCraft Up-Skill

ICP’s Intermediate route setting workshop delves into the intricate art of creating movements, crafting challenging sequences, mapping routes, and offering advice.

BoulderCraft Refine

ICP’s BoulderCraft Refine provides advanced setters with a collaborative platform for innovation, pushing boundaries, and nurturing new route setting ideas.

BoulderCraft Entry
Introduction to Route setting workshop aimed at climbers who have an interest in route setting and a passion for climbing.
Duration: 2 Days

– Route Setting Safety, identifying hazards and safety protocols
– Equipment and tool usage, familiarisation with essential setting equipment
– Hold Selection, understanding different types of climbing holds and their applications
– Route setting fundamentals
– Hands on practise in setting boulder problems

BoulderCraft Up-Skill

Perfect for intermediate route setters looking to improved their understanding and depth of setting knowledge.

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisites: BoulderCraft Entry or 6 months of route setting experience
– Route mapping
– Move and grading discussion
– Features what are they and how to go about them
– Learning to set forced concepts
– Hands on feature setting breakdown
– Route mapping and adding more climbs to an already featured station

BoulderCraft Refine
Refine is our advanced workshop for seasoned Route Setters looking for an opportunity to push limits and experiment with new movements and ideas.
Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisites: BoulderCraft Up-Skill or 12 months of commercial route setting experience
– Setting more advanced and complex moves breaking down the process
– Thinking and understanding the correct grade
– Hands on lots of setting and working on complex movements