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The Future of Safety Matting is Under Your Feet

ICP mats – your last line of defence for safety but first off the mark for accessibility and cleanliness!

Your venue will be cleaner with our incredibly soft carpet cover that excels in capturing chalk, dust and grime. You can cater to people of all abilities with our accessibility ramps. You’ll minimise risk with our industry-leading safety matting that not only catches climbers from afar, but eliminates any entrapment risks.

Our rope matting is designed and tested to assist a lead or top rope climber before they begin their ascent. It not only aids in low impact falls but acts as a secondary backup to reduce impact from higher up.

With ICP rope mats installed under your feet you will achieve a safer, cleaner and more inclusive sport for everyone.

Why Choose Our Rope Mats? They Look Good and Feel Good

High Walls, High Falls, Safety First

Deceleration is critical to climber safety. ICP’s new composite-blend matting gradually reduces the deceleration of a climber over a longer period of time, giving it a softer catch.

A Stunning Trim Built to Last

Using only the best materials to keep your mats in top condition, ICP mats are made up of exceptionally high-quality components built to last repetitive traffic. This includes our stunning aluminium border which encases your safety flooring – with a ramped exterior and hidden fasteners it not only looks great but feels great to walk on.

A Revolutionary Rope Matting Solution

The perfect solution for climbing gyms, our matting is sleek and modern. Not only does it offer a stylish finish to your venue but is leading the way in keeping gyms safer, cleaner and more comfortable.

In History – A Look At Climbing Mats of the Past

Rope climbing mats have come a long way in the last 100 years. It is rumoured that Pierre Allain was using mats made of straw (like a door mat) in the late 1930’s. In 1984 Ron Kauk used stolen mattresses on wooden pallets on some climbs in Yosemite. There are also some mentions of sofa cushions being wrapped in duct tape, again used on wooden pallets.

By the mid 80’s indoor rope climbers were using old offcuts of carpet to help keep their shoes clean. It didn’t really offer any padding but it did help with abrasions. Soon climbers started sewing pieces of carpet foam (underlay), sheets of lightweight rubber and carpet together. A while later some started attaching handles and sometimes including a hinge to help with maneuverability during transportation.

Many think of the Sketch Pad, released in 1992, as the first commercialised climbing mat.

Rope Wall Safety Matting Sizing

Made from on the best local and imported materials, ICP climbing mats offer superior fall absorption and durability. Lasting longer than any competitors matting and keeping walls cleaner with the carpet lid trapping dirt and grime.

ICP Climbing Matting Diagram