Meet the Family

A growing range of uniquely crafted wooden volumes, each designed with a distinct characteristic and name. Precision built using our in-house CNC machine, and custom-finished to your specific needs.

Adventurous Alice

Artful Adam

Beta Ben

Baffling Brooke

Charming Charles

Childish Chelsea

Dominant Dean

Dynamic Danielle

Encouraging Eli

Explosive Emily

Flexible Frank

Forceful Fiona

Gutsy Gus

Gallant Grace

Headstrong Harry

Hesitant Holly

Frequently Asked Questions

– How do the angles work?

Each face of the volumes correspond to a specific angle of your ICP Walls. This allows them to raps features and aretes seamlessly.

Get in touch if you want to learn about the specific angles in your gym.

– What are ICP Volumes Made of?

ICP Volumes are made from 21mm high quality ply wood sourced from Europe.

-Are your Volumes Screw on or Bolt on?

Each Volume in the ICP volumes Family is Screw on. Please contact us directly for more information regarding screw sizes.

– Are all screw holes reinforced?

Yes, every screw hole on every volume is reinforced with a stainless steel washer to increase longevity.

– Are your T-nut Imperial or Metric?

We can do both. Please inform us regarding your ideal T-nut type upon ordering.

– What Colours do you offer?

Our regular colours include Grey, Black, White, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Orange and yellow.

However we can also custom make any colour volumes upon request.

– Can ICP make Dual-text volumes?

Yes, we have a range of dual texture options for all of our ICP Volumes.

We can also make change for custom requests.