ICP Volumes

The ultimate complement to any climbing wall. Meticulously crafted with our in-house CNC machine, utilising the finest 21mm European-sourced plywood.

Rap it

Crafted to effortlessly expand your wall’s surface and provide unique angles for your setters to work their magic. Say goodbye to uncertainty and set routes with confidence every time.

Stack it

Each ICP Volume is meticulously engineered to stack together, providing an easy way to increase depth and angles.

Place it

Designed with setting in mind, ICP Volumes comprise a diverse selection of high and low volume options, ideal for different situations.

Meet the Family

Imagined by our team of seasoned setters and designers, each set of volumes in our collection exhibits its distinct personality and character.

Totally Customizable

ICP Volumes can be personalised to align with the aesthetics of your current climbing facility or upcoming project. Choose from custom paintwork, dual-textured finishes, wood textures and more.