Cockburn, Australia
Adrenaline Vault

Message from the Architect
‘Beautiful & Functional’

Adrenalin Vault and ICP have had a long standing and thriving relationship. When AV returned to us with a new project and boulder hall location – we were thrilled to continue to evolve our relationship, dive into the next chapter and provide them with a space that was modern, spacious and offered up something unique to its patrons and route setters.

A balance of functionality and optimisation was at the heart of the design – capitalising on the height of the building to offer up a second level of climbing. A mezzanine level that introduces depth, dynamic and exploration within the facility. Another direct and intentional impact of the mezzanine level was the large storage area located on the ground level directly underneath. Storage has a big impact on the day-to-day functionality of a commercial gym, and careful consideration was made here to also ensure route-setters have easy access and remain inspired while navigating hold selection and arrangement.


Site Size


Wall Height 


Climbable Surface


Matted Area