Rope Mats by ICP

A revolutionary safety matting solution for rope climbing facilities

Leader in safety

Specifically designed and rigorously tested, our rope matting supports lead or top rope climbers, offering assistance in low-impact falls and acting as a secondary backup for higher falls. With ICP rope mats underfoot, your climbing environment becomes safer, cleaner, and more inclusive for everyone.

Why choose ICP Rope Mats

High walls, High Falls

Ensuring climber safety is paramount, and ICP’s latest composite-blend matting achieves a gradual reduction in deceleration over the duration of a high impact fall, resulting in a softer catch.

A Trim Built to Last

Crafted from premium materials to ensure lasting quality, including a aluminum border that not only looks great with its ramped exterior but also provides a soft walking surface.

A New Matting Solution

Our matting boasts a sleek and modern design. It not only provides a stylish finish to your venue but also sets the standard for enhancing safety, cleanliness, and comfort in gyms.

Rope Safety Matting Dimensions

Crafted from top local and imported materials, ICP’s 2.4″ rope mats provide exceptional fall absorption and durability. The innovative carpet lid design captures dirt and grime from climbers, ensuring our mats outperform any competing mats available.

Matting Safety Standards

ICP mats have been rigorously safety tested and comply with all international safety regulations to ensure the safest and most confident experience for all climbers. Contact us for more information regarding the standards and our accelerator drop testing results.


AU Standards USA Standards EU Standards

AS 2316.1.1-2021

ASTM F355, Part E

Analog to EN 1176

EN 12572-2

NE P90-311

NF P90-312