Boulder Mats by ICP


Safety Matters

At ICP, we’re revolutionizing the climbing industry with our latest bouldering matting, prioritizing safety and durability. Our innovative hybrid composites facilitate soft catches from heights and boast an impressively rapid recovery time. Additionally, we’ve engineered a sturdy surface that minimizes entrapment risks for climbers, while providing a secure and firm foundation for route setters.

Why ICP Mats are industry leaders

Route Set Safer

No matter your route-setting style, ICP mats offer a safer, stable work surface, minimizing ladder movement and matting damage over time. Set smart, set safe.

Aesthetic timber trim

Not only does our wooden trim offer a world-class aesthetic, it functionally minimizes foam breakdown along the outer perimeter, enhancing the matting’s lifespan.

Avoid Entrapment

Reduce the risk of limb entrapment with ICP’s innovative matting design. Hands and ankles can move freely on the double-reinforced, no-gap edge perimeter.

Boulder Safety Matting Dimensions

In the U.S., safety mats are required around bouldering walls. Our 300mm (12″) and 400mm (16″) thick high-absorption mats stand out as the safest available on the market. ICP is the exclusive installer of climbing wall safety mats employing a design specifically preventing entrapment between the mat and the wall.

Keeping it Real.
Keeping it Clean

Years of industry experience have taught us that vinyl-top matting can lead to dirtier walls. In contrast, our carpet-top mats clean climbers’ shoes, helping your walls stay cleaner for longer! Choose ICP mats for a healthier and aesthetically pleasing gym every day. Our custom mat covers trap dust particles, preventing shoe grime and chalk from reaching your walls!

Matting Safety Standards

ICP mats have been rigorously safety tested and comply with all international safety regulations to ensure the safest and most confident experience for all climbers. Contact us for more information regarding the standards and our accelerator drop testing results.


AU Standards USA Standards EU Standards

AS 2316.1.1-2021

ASTM F355, Part E

EN 1176

EN 12572-2

NE P90-311

NF P90-312