Gold Coast, Australia
Cutloose Indoor Climbing

Project Overview
‘Exciting News’

Exciting news for climbing enthusiasts on the Northern Gold Coast! Cutloose Indoor Climbing is building its bouldering gym in Upper Coomera. Opening in 2024! Anticipation is building, and the facility promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

As the grand unveiling approaches, check out these sneak peeks of the epic new venue. The gym is set to feature a variety of climbing walls, with a particular highlight being the cave! Explore the gym’s varied collection of walls, encompassing everything from slab to steep surfaces adorned with a range of bold features.

Additionally, climbers can look forward to a well-equipped training area and isolation room. The space includes a 40⁰ training wall setup and ample stretching room. Cutloose Indoor Climbing ensures that all training needs are met, providing climbers with the tools to conquer their projects.

The whole gym is designed with the ICP raps system, making every wall highly customisable to keep setting fresh. The innovative ICP Raps system takes centre stage, blending climbing wall and volume faces seamlessly. This novel approach allows for the intentional alteration of ICP Walls, providing fresh geometry and shapes for both route setters and patrons. The facility aims to cater to climbers of all skill levels.

ICP Raps is described as more than just a volume on a wall – it’s a game-changer for route setting and wall design. With regular releases of new ICP Volume shapes, the system empowers setters to craft expansive features with unprecedented ease. Each ICP Volume is meticulously designed with ICP Raps system angles, and sets can be stacked on themselves, adding a new dimension to climbing creativity.

As Cutloose Indoor Climbing gears up for its 2024 opening, climbing enthusiasts can anticipate a world-class facility that caters to all levels of climbers, embraces innovation, and promises an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses!


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