Continuing our 2-part series with Jackie Hueftle of Kilter. In Part 1 we discussed, “Why get a kilter board” , in Part 2 we will find out more about the key features of the Kilter Board…

You may not know this but every handhold on both Kilter Boards is unique – no duplicates and no sharing between layouts (there are some doubles of the screw-on feet on the Original layout). The Homewall Layout though has 100% unique holds with zero duplicates. Click here to order your Kilter Board.

The Wrap-Around Lighting System

You can choose holds with no lights but LEDs are the way to go. Each LED hold on the Kilter Board lights up the base all the way around. It is easy for climbers to then identify holds on their climb no matter if they’re above, below, or to the side. The light system is intuitive so even new climbers understand what holds to grab. The lights look super pretty and make the Kilter Board a showpiece in any space!

Complete Accessibility

The Kilter Board was designed to suit users of all abilities, from new climbers and kids to paraclimbers and the most advanced users.

person climbing ICP Home wall with the Kilter board home light set.

Animated Routes

The Animated Route feature lets climbers follow a moving circuit of lights with up to 100 moves in a row. Users can adjust the speed of these routes to suit their training pace, and can also add their own if they email [email protected] and get set up with route privileges. This helps keep the route database as clean and useful as possible.

Big thanks to Jackie from Kilter for chatting to us and sharing her thoughts on the finer points of the Kilter Board system.

If you would like to purchase a Kilter board in Australia or New Zealand check out the ICP Store or Contact us for more information.