The Future of Climbing Mats: ICP’s New Matting system

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on the evolution of climbing mats. In our previous instalment, we briefly explored the history of climbing mats. Today, we will look ahead and explore how Climb ICP is revolutionising indoor climbing safety. ICP are renowned for their commitment to safety in the climbing industry and are proud to introduce the latest update to their safety matting, ICP Mats. This system has been constantly tweaked and improved upon for many years in the making.

The Carpet Top System
At the heart of this revolutionary new matting system is the carpet top. This feature is designed to provide an additional layer of safety, reducing the risk of entrapment and injury during falls or spins. ICP mats is a dual-layer matting system that consists of the innovative carpet top bonded upper foam layer, and our trusted ICP foam base layer. This stands in stark contrast to common vinyl matting options, even when topped with a thin carpet layer, which can still pose hazards during falls. ICP’s carpet top system is a perfect blend of safety and aesthetics. It’s not just about functionality; it’s also about enhancing the overall ambience of the climbing gym. With a clean and attractive matting area, this system brings a new level of sophistication to indoor climbing, all while prioritising the safety of climbers.

Customisable and Easy to Maintain

Climb ICP understands that every climbing gym is different, and ICP’s new matting system can be customized to fit each unique space. The system’s interlocking design, with seamless joiner strips, ensures that sections are firmly connected via the dual connection system and can be easily updated or repaired in the event of extreme circumstances or unexpected damage. This adaptability guarantees that climbing gyms can maintain the highest safety standards without compromising aesthetics. The unique double joiner system also provides another level of safety, security and durability.

Firm to Walk On, Soft to Fall On

One of the most significant advantages of this system is its comfort and functionality. ICP has undertaken extensive R&D to comply with Australia’s strict safety standards, ensuring that the mats avoid entrapment, tripping hazards and comply with all impact testing requirements. The mats are firm underfoot, ensuring stability and support for climbers and route setters. However, they are also soft to fall on, minimising the impact and risk of injury during falls. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for all types of climbing, from bouldering to top rope and lead climbing.

ICP’s carpet top foam matting system represents a major leap forward in climbing gym safety and aesthetics, saying goodbye to the days of tire rubber and vinyl matting. It not only addresses the safety concerns of modern indoor climbing but also elevates the overall climbing experience. Climbers and gym owners alike can take comfort in the fact that their climbing space is secure, stylish and easy to maintain. As indoor climbing continues to grow in popularity, it’s innovations like these that keep the sport thriving and accessible to all, ensuring a bright and secure future for climbers of all levels. ICP’s commitment to safety and style is truly revolutionising the climbing industry.