The indoor climbing gym industry is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, marked by annual shifts in climbing wall builds, product innovations, and evolving setting trends. With an increasing number of gyms constructed worldwide each year, the rise in local competition and membership options for casual gym climbers has become more pronounced. Recognising the need for existing gyms to stay competitive and fresh, we look at some cost-effective options for breathing new life into your climbing walls and safety matting. This article explores climbing gym retrofitting, delving into what ICP offers and the numerous benefits associated with these services.

Custom Wall Section Upgrades – Make your Old Climbing Walls New and Exciting

Among the most popular options for updating climbing gyms is the alteration of existing walls. As setting trends change, some sections of your walls may lose their appeal over time. Some clients have chosen to mellow-out intimidating overhangs, modernise old top-out boulders, and introduce new wall features to freshen things up. Our in-house design team can revisit previous builds and look at new options while keeping the original structural integrity of the wall intact.

Extending and Moving an Existing Wall.

When climbing gym owners face the challenge of relocating to a new venue, the prospect of moving existing walls or expanding them with extensions becomes a key strategy to maintain the vibrancy of their facility. Partnering with experienced climbing wall relocation and construction experts like ICP can facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring that the integrity and safety of the climbing structures are preserved during the move. Additionally, building extensions onto existing walls introduces exciting variations in climbing terrain, providing a fresh experience for both seasoned climbers and newcomers. This strategic approach not only helps gym owners seamlessly transition to a new location but also revitalises the climbing environment, fostering a renewed sense of adventure and engagement for their existing and growing community of climbers.

Refreshing Your Climbing Safety Matting

A frequently underestimated yet crucial element of upgrading climbing gyms involves the renewal of safety matting. As time progresses, aging matting can degrade, posing risks to both the gym and its members. Additionally, dust, stains, and marks tend to accumulate on climbing mats, reducing their longevity and diminishing the overall visual appeal of the facility. ICP addresses this issue by retrofitting gyms with our industry-leading safety matting, rejuvenating the gym’s aesthetics with our sleek carpet-topped timber-trimmed matting solution. To ensure longevity in your mats, we highly recommend using mat protectors under ladders and vacuuming your mats every day.

Core Climbing Updated Matting Update 2023

ICP Mats not only boast an impressive appearance but also feature revolutionary designs aimed at providing the safest experience, reducing fall impact, and preventing climber entrapment. Moreover, they fully comply with all international safety standards. The peace of mind that new safety matting brings ensures the safety of both setters and members, making it an invaluable aspect of gym retrofitting.

At ICP, we firmly believe in the importance of constantly upgrading climbing gyms to foster business growth and provide the best possible experience for gym members. Retrofitting climbing walls and safety matting stands out as a vital strategy to maintain climber enjoyment and safety. If you are interested in retrofitting your climbing gym, contact us through our website. No project is too big or too small for ICP, and we are here to help you create your dream climbing facility. Upgrade your climbing gym with ICP and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of indoor climbing.