For novice route setters, the array of available equipment can be bewildering. There’s a multitude of tools claiming to enhance your route-setting skills. However, it’s wise to begin with the essentials and gradually expand your kit as you identify what works best for you. To assist in this journey, we’ve assembled a list of the three indispensable pieces of route setting equipment you should never be without.

1. A impact driver

Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt – numerous brands populate the market, but one universal truth remains: no route setter can thrive without their trusted power drill. While many of us have set routes with a T-bar at some point, a quality drill significantly accelerates the process of stripping and setting routes. It proves invaluable when securing a variety of holds, regardless of their size. Drill technology has evolved, and today, we recommend an oil impulse driver. These drivers are engineered to reduce noise and vibration, which is a considerable asset during route setting.


2. A tap

Ever encountered a situation where you’re trying to place a hold precisely, but the T-nut refuses to cooperate? A reliable tap comes to the rescue in such sticky situations. It not only prevents holds from spinning but also contributes to the longevity of your climbing walls. This invaluable tool saves you from the hassle of scaling the wall or resorting to extreme measures. Make it a habit to carry one with you during your route-setting endeavors. It will prove to be a time and frustration saver.



3. A good route setting bag

Finding a good route setting bag can be a challenge, so when you stumble upon one, consider stocking up! These bags significantly reduce the physical effort required during route setting, whether you’re ascending via rope or ladder. When searching for the right bag, opt for one with a wide opening to accommodate larger holds, complemented by smaller pockets for segregating jibs and footers. Don’t overlook the necessity of space for various bits, bolts, and screws you’ll need to transport. Separate compartments for these smaller items reduce the chances of accidentally pricking yourself when searching for the right bolt. Finally, look for a dependable magnet feature. It proves invaluable for securing an assortment of items you might desire – screws, bolts, drill bits, bottle openers, and more. You wouldn’t want to find yourself halfway up the wall without one.