Born from a collective passion to elevate the climbing industry, BoulderCraft emerges as a comprehensive workshop catering for beginners, intermediates, and advanced setters alike. For years, the demand for accessible and structured route setting classes has echoed through the climbing community. BoulderCraft by ICP has been created to address this issue and to empower route setters within the industry. These classes will be held at ICP’s signature Boulder Hall in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, hosted by a team of experienced route setting instructors who are committed to supporting the growth of the climbing industry. Join us as we delve into the heart of BoulderCraft, exploring why it will become an indispensable asset for route setters.

A space for all levels to grow

BoulderCraft offers a tiered approach to route setting workshops, ensuring there’s a space for route setters of all levels to thrive.

Boulder Craft Entry, our beginner workshop serves as a gateway to the captivating world of route setting, focusing on safety, hazard identification, mastering fundamentals, and the skill of selecting the perfect holds.

BoulderCraft Up-skill, route setters will delve into the intricate art of forcing movements, uncovering the nuances of crafting sequences that challenge and excite climbers, alongside route mapping techniques and invaluable advice on testing and tweaking routes.

BoulderCraft Refine offers advanced setters a collaborative platform to innovate, push limits, and cultivate fresh ideas.

Together, these workshops cultivate a supportive and encouraging community of route setters who not only love to climb but also take joy in crafting thrilling experiences for others.

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Meet the Instructor: Mitch Keft

Meet Mitch Keft, ICP Head Setter and mastermind behind BoulderCraft’s route setting workshop. With over 16 years of industry experience, Mitch has become a respected figure in Australian climbing, boasting commercial setting expertise and a history of guest appearances both nationally and internationally, and a frequent Head Route Setter for Queensland State competitions, Mitch doesn’t just oversee the climbs that crown champions; he also champions creativity by infusing each climb with a deep understanding of movement dynamics and a drive for innovation.

“BoulderCraft is a creative space for new setters to learn the fundamentals and for seasoned setters to explore new ideas and push boundaries.” – Mitch Keft

Beyond technicalities, Mitch is intrigued by the human element of climbing. He finds joy in unraveling climbers’ thought processes and instincts as they tackle his boulders. With Mitch Keft leading BoulderCraft, it becomes more than a workshop—it’s a celebration of climbing’s enduring spirit of exploration and excellence.

BoulderCraft: Why you need it

Whether you’re looking for a foot in the door or just a way to learn more, BoulderCraft is the answer. ICP is thrilled to offer BoulderCraft, extending a warm invitation to the climbing community. Our primary goal is to foster growth within the climbing industry, making it more accessible for aspiring route setters to gain invaluable experience. We firmly believe in instilling new setters with the correct fundamentals of setting and safety, laying a solid foundation for their journey. We hope that BoulderCraft will serve as common ground for all route setters within the industry, establishing a baseline of skill across the country.

BoulderCraft isn’t just designed for the individual setter, it’s easily tailored to accommodate a climbing gym’s whole team of setters, encouraging better communication, planning, safety and creativity. Get in contact with us if you’re looking for a solution to up-skill your entire route setting team.

Should you have any inquiries about BoulderCraft, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With spots in the workshop currently limited and subject to availability, seize the opportunity to embark on your route-setting journey with us.