Sunshine Coast, Australia
Boulder Heads

Message from the Architect
‘Quality and Performance’

Our lovely clients Jad and Temma had a great feel for what they wanted their gym to personify. Having a real vision of aesthetic and branding, they were able to offer up colour palettes, styles and other elements that really helped the design process along.

Coupling peoples visions with our expertise – we were able to create simplistic walls that offer up open canvasses – empowering the route setters to engage in their creative spirit and keep things lively with each new route. Throughout the collaborative experience – Quality and performance were always key features we tried to harness and combine.

All in all, Boulder Heads is a great community/social space that sits comfortably within it’s Sunshine Coast location. Laid back vibes that are super welcoming – setting you up for a fun day on the walls.

365 m²

Site Size


Wall Height


Climbable Surface


Paint Design Style