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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our products, services, and policies. If you’re curious about something specific, feel free to browse through the questions below. Additionally, if you’re seeking information regarding Memberships, please refer to our Membership T&C’s.

Is there public transport nearby?2023-12-11T14:25:24+10:00

Yes, we are a short 5 minute walk from Fortitude Valley train station. There are also multiple buses that run along St.Pauls tce and the nearby.

Will I need to sign a waiver and complete a safety induction?2023-12-11T14:24:57+10:00

During your initial visit to ICP Boulder Hall, it’s essential to complete a waiver and undergo a brief safety orientation. It is mandatory for all participants, regardless of their experience, to complete our safety orientation before they start climbing.

Please be aware that individuals under the age of 18 must have a waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian.

I’ve never climbed before, Can I try?2023-12-11T14:24:19+10:00

Absolutely! Our facility welcomes climbers of all levels, including beginners. We have a variety of beginner-friendly boulder problems that are designed to help you get comfortable with the sport and build your confidence. Our staff members are also available to provide guidance and tips to help you get started.

Can I make a group booking?2023-12-11T14:23:51+10:00

Yes, we do allow bookings for groups of 10 or more in most cases. Please contact us for bookings at [email protected].

Can I bring my dog?2023-12-11T14:23:30+10:00

All friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcome. Please make sure to keep your fur babies secured on leash in our dog parking section at the front. Please make sure you clean up after them if they make a mess. If your dog is not friendly or has issues with excessive barking, please consider the safety of others and leave them at home. We reserve the right to ask any dogs to leave if they do not behave appropriately.

Do I need to wear climbing shoes?2023-12-11T14:23:09+10:00

Yes, climbing shoes are required when climbing at the boulder hall. Climbing shoes offer performance and hygiene benefits. We have climbing shoes available for hire for $7 a session, please wear socks while using our hire shoes. Alternatively you can bring your own climbing shoes, check out K2, Wild Earth, or Paddy Pallin for a wide range of climbing shoes & apparel.

What do I wear?2023-12-11T14:22:36+10:00
Comfortable clothing that you can work out in, move freely and don’t mind getting sweaty is best. Considering that the wall has a textured surface, it’s best to wear clothes that can withstand a little roughness.
Choosing lighter-coloured garments may be a good idea, as climbers often use white chalk on their hands to improve grip, and lighter colours are less likely to show chalk marks.
How long can I climb for?2023-12-11T14:22:07+10:00

You can climb for as long as you like during our opening hours each visit. Show up on opening and leave on close if you like. (Sorry no sleepovers)

Do you have parking?2023-12-11T14:21:38+10:00

There is ample street parking on Baxter st and the surrounding area. Paid parking is available at the Valley Metro Car Park. We are also a short 5-minute walk from Fortitude Valley train station.

Do I need to book?2023-12-11T14:20:37+10:00

Bookings are not required, come in anytime during operating hours for a climb!

If you have a group of 10 or more please reach out to [email protected].

Is there an age limit?2023-12-11T14:20:08+10:00

Climbers 5 years old and up are welcome! Please note that climbers under the age of 18 must have a waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian. Those between the ages of 5 and 12 years old will require supervision and to be spotted/supported while on the wall at all times.

What level of physical fitness do I need to climb?2023-12-11T14:19:38+10:00

You will need be in a healthy state to climb and fall, if you are concerned about your physical health level, consult your doctor before climbing.

How does it work?2023-12-11T14:19:08+10:00

At ICP Boulder Hall, we use climbing holds to create climbs at various difficulty levels, which are organised into colour-coded circuits, known as “problems”. This allows you to determine your level and instantly identify climbs that you may enjoy trying out. Each coloured problem is marked with start tags to place your hands, our grading system is shown on these tags to help you find the right level for you. We also use large grey wooden boxes known as “Volumes” which are used to change the shape of the wall and can be used in any coloured climb, adding an additional layer of challenge and excitement to your bouldering experience.

What is Bouldering?2023-12-11T14:18:28+10:00
Bouldering is a form of rock climbing, where ropes and harnesses are left behind. Armed with only climbing shoes and a bag of chalk, you tackle short yet challenging “problems” using balance, technique, strength, and your mind. With no need for experience or expensive gear, it’s easy to get into for beginners.
The ultimate goal in bouldering is to safely reach the highest hold for each problem with both hands. However, bouldering is not just about reaching the summit. It’s a sport that offers a wide range of techniques and styles to suit different climbers, regardless of their height, strength, or flexibility.
The climbs are thrilling but not overwhelming in height, and safety mats ensure that falling risks are managed. Without the burden of equipment, you can focus solely on the joy of climbing, with friends cheering you on from the ground. It’s just you, the wall, and the excitement of conquering each bouldering challenge!

Online Waiver

All climbers are required to complete a release of liability waiver upon their first visit to ICP Boulder Hall.
Waivers for any person under the age of 18 years old must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

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