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Training Wall with Full Ride Kilter Board :

Climb ICP has designed and installed a sleek Kilter Board training wall at Total Fusion Platinum, bringing climbing into the fitness mainstream. This exciting new addition combines the exhilaration of climbing with the convenience of a state-of-the-art gym, offering members a versatile, full-body workout that’s as mentally stimulating as it is physically challenging. The Kilter Board’s LED-illuminated holds and adaptable routes cater to climbers of all levels, enhancing Total Fusion Platinum’s mission to provide a diverse and engaging fitness experience.

Incorporating the Kilter Board not only adds a visually captivating element to the gym but also fosters a sense of community and accomplishment among members. Total Fusion Platinum is a Luxury Health & Wellness Club in Newstead, dedicated to staying at the forefront of fitness trends. So it was important to provide an impressive and versatile climbing solution.

3D Render of the Kilterboard 20º Training Board designed for Total Fusion Platinum by Climb ICP

Facts And Figures

Floor Space: 14 m²

Wall Height: 6m from matting to the top of wall

Climbable Surface: Auto belay wall  33m²

Wall Features:  Gentle Incline with Kilter Board layout T-nuts & LED holes. Wall

Paint Design Style: Simple Black Paintwork

Matting Type: ICP Specialty Mats with minimum 2.5m+ safety zone

What the facility offers: Kilter Board Training, Health & Wellness Club

ICP Supplied: Wall, Door, holds, route setting

Holds Supplied: Kilter Board Full Ride 12″ x 12″ + Led’s

Close Up Image of the Kilterboard with LEDs lit up on the 20 degrees black climbing training wall built by Climb ICP
Close Up Image from the right side of the Kilterboard with LEDs lit up on the 20 degrees black climbing training wall built by Climb ICP
The Full Ride Kilterboard Lit up surround by training equipment in Total Fusion Platinum
Close Up Detail shot of the ICP Wall logo in white on the black Kilterboard built by Climb ICP