ICP Warm Up Sessions

Warming up before you climb is not just a formality – it’s the secret sauce to a successful and injury-free climbing session!

Our bouldering warm-up class is not your typical stretch-and-yawn routine. Oh no! We’ll be jumping, lunging, and monkeying around to activate those climbing muscles like never before!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a climbing newbie, this warm-up class is for EVERYONE! Our friendly instructors will make sure you’re all set to tackle the boulders with confidence and a whole lot of fun!

So grab your shoes, chalk bag, slap on that smile, and join us for the wildest bouldering warm-up ride of your life!

Duration: 1 Hour

Frequency: Every Thursday!

Time: 5:30 PM

Participants: 8

Instructor: Amanda Lu

Minimun Age: 16 Years Old.

Needed: Nothing, just wear comfortable clothes to exercise in.

Cost: Free with access to Boulder Hall!

  • Secure your spot below. Places are limited!
  • 10 visit pass holders can use their pass for this session.
  • Casuals $23.00 (includes access to Boulder Hall).