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A mixed facility for bouldering, rope and lead climbing. Inspiration was the double ice cream cone and working around this. The Urban Jungle Team wanted us to incorporate the jewel red colour. We used that colour as our starting point in the design paint scheme. As a purpose built facility only architectural drawings were available for the design team. For existing buildings we like to use 3D scans for increased accuracy.

You can find out more about Urban Jungle, Perth here.

Facts And Figures

Site Size: 790 m² purpose build

Wall Height: Ranging from 9m to 11m in the rope area and 4.5m from the top of the matting for the bouldering area

Climbable Surface: Rope approx 415.47 m² + 164 m² bouldering area.

Wall Features: Double lead area, speed wall and bouldering overhang area

Paint Design Style: Basic custom paint design and wood look

Matting Type: ICP Specialty Roped and boulder Mats with minimum 2.5m safety zone

What the facility offers: Bouldering, lead, top rope, speed, Café, pro shop, social spaces, climbing classes, fitness classes.

ICP Supplied: Walls, matting, holds, route setting, auto belay

Holds Supplied: 360, AIX, Cheeta, Flathold, Kingdom, Working Class