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Training Wall with Full Ride Kilter Board :

Climb ICP has designed and installed a sleek Kilter Board training wall at Total Fusion Platinum, bringing climbing into the fitness mainstream. This exciting new addition combines the exhilaration of climbing with the convenience of a state-of-the-art gym, offering members a versatile, full-body workout that’s as mentally stimulating as it is physically challenging. The Kilter Board’s LED-illuminated holds and adaptable routes cater to climbers of all levels, enhancing Total Fusion Platinum’s mission to provide a diverse and engaging fitness experience.

Incorporating the Kilter Board not only adds a visually captivating element to the gym but also fosters a sense of community and accomplishment among members. Total Fusion Platinum is a Luxury Health & Wellness Club in Newstead, dedicated to staying at the forefront of fitness trends. So it was important to provide an impressive and versatile climbing solution.

Facts And Figures

Floor Space: 14 m²

Wall Height: 6m from matting to the top of wall

Climbable Surface: Auto belay wall  33m²

Wall Features:  Gentle Incline with Kilter Board layout T-nuts & LED holes. Wall

Paint Design Style: Simple Black Paintwork

Matting Type: ICP Specialty Mats with minimum 2.5m+ safety zone

What the facility offers: Kilter Board Training, Health & Wellness Club

ICP Supplied: Wall, Door, holds, route setting

Holds Supplied: Kilter Board Full Ride 12″ x 12″ + Led’s