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Message from the Architect:

“Friction Bouldering is the first state of the art climbing facility within Western Victoria.

Situated in beautiful Ballarat – an iconic town already known for its melting pot of modern attractions – Friction Bouldering’s design was inspired by the region’s vibrant culture and community with its desire to encourage upcoming trends and experiences set amongst contemporary heritage.

The modern bouldering gym comprises flowing walls, offering simplistic planes and angles – all rooted in purpose and intention. Beautiful large panels act as canvases for route setters to harness their creativity, while striking features and powerful angles offer variety and attraction.

Being a town enriched with community pride and welcoming to tourism – the gym was designed to engage climbers of all walks of life and skill level. A place where locals, visiting friends and relatives can create new experiences together, all within a regional location that embraces the ‘old and the new’ coming together to create something truly magical.”

Facts And Figures

Site Size: 490 m²

Wall Height: 4.5m from matting to the top of wall

Climbable Surface: Bouldering wall 262 m²

Wall Features: Slab, vertical, steep and roof

Paint Design Style: Basic paint design

Matting Type: ICP Specialty Mats with minimum 2.5m+ safety zone

What the facility offers: Dedicated bouldering facility

ICP Supplied: Walls, matting, holds, route setting

Holds Supplied: 360, AIX, Cheeta, Flathold, Kilter, Escape, Kingdom, Grizzly, Working Class, ICP