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Arcadia College moved campuses from Varsity Lakes to Robina, and in the process they wanted to build a brand new climbing wall! We couldn’t wait to create a space for their students to learn about everything climbing has to offer. We truly believe that climbing (and sport in general) can change people’s lives and we hope we were able to share a bit of that with both staff and students alike at Arcadia.

Message from the Architect:
This space has a beautiful window which allows a view of the climbing wall from the outside, it’s a great feature and allows a constant stream of natural light into the room.
It was a fun challenge to fit the wall into the space available, especially trying to include a non-climbable area over one of the doorways. The client requested to have consistency by having the wall encase the room, even if part of it was a non-climbable area.

You can find out more about Arcadia College here.

Facts And Figures

Site Size: 58 m²

Wall Height: 6.9m up to 9.8m

Climbable Surface: 112 m²

Wall Features: Slab, vertical, steep and doorway feature (non-climbable)

Paint Design Style: Basic Custom paint design, to match with college logo colours

Matting Type: ICP Specialty Mats with minimum 2.5m safety zone

What the facility offers: Education facility with roped climbing wall and auto belays.

ICP Supplied: Walls, matting, holds, auto-belays, route setting

Holds Supplied: 360, Cheeta, Flathold, Kilter, Kingdom, Working Class