ICP Retail Store
Tips and Tricks

We’re psyched to bring you our new online retail store!
Check out our tips for using the site to its full potential below.

Tip # 1 – Filtering Function

Filter your search to be as specific as you want! You can filter your search by brand, colour, price, material and type, or a combination of all the above.

Tip #2 – Cart Summary

View a full summary of your order with a breakdown of the number of holds by brand, type, material and colour!

Tip #3 – Grid and Table View

By now you might have already seen our default Grid view, but did you know we also have a Table view option? You can filter which colours you want to view, and each column will show you how many of that product are in your cart.

Tip #4 – Colour Matching Filter

Are you going cross eyed over colours? You can now filter colours from different brands that are a close colour match! When expanding the dropdown selection of a colour (eg ‘Orange’) you will have the option of a tick box next to the different shades (eg ‘Fluro Orange’, ‘Pastel Orange’ and ‘Earth Orange’). If you like, you can click the dropdown next to the shade, and it will display the exact colour code (eg RAL 2005, Colour 11 and 14-11).

Tip #5 – Multiple Carts

Under ‘Account’ you will notice that there is a section called ‘Carts’. You can create as many carts as you like. The selected (red) cart is the one that products are added to. You could even use one cart as your dream wishlist – just remember that your order won’t be confirmed until you’ve paid for it.

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