Stretch & Strength Sessions

Take a break from the boulders and join us for an invigorating stretch session, specially designed to enhance your climbing through increased flexibility and mobility.

We will guide you through a series of movements targeted at those climbing muscles and improve your overall flexibility. You’ll loosen up tight spots, improve your range of motion and prime your body for better balance and stability on the wall!

No matter your climbing level, everyone can benefit from this session. Our instructors will provide guidance, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed.

Join us for a rewarding stretch session that complements your climbing.

Duration: 1 Hour

Frequency: Weekly

Tuesdays: 5:00 pm-6:00pm

Wednesdays: 6:00 pm-7:00pm

Participants: 10

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old.

Needed: Nothing, just wear comfortable clothes to exercise in

Cost: Free with access to Boulder Hall!

  • Secure your spot below. Places are limited!
  • 10 visit pass holders can use their pass for this session.
  • Casuals $23.00 (includes access to Boulder Hall).