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As demonstrated by our recent projects gallery, ICP have installed climbing walls for a variety of clients, in many different business models. Every project has its own challenges and clients need to know that they are dealing with a company with vast experience in climbing wall construction that will get the job done to the highest quality. Many of the materials required for making a wall come from international manufacturers, which are then shipped and inspected at the ICP head office before being assembled at their final location by our busy team of installers. Some sections of the wall will be constructed on site as required.

Businesses That Use ICP Walls

Climbing Centres and Climbing Gyms

ICP are the specialists in new climbing walls and wall extensions. Having built in gyms across Australia and New Zealand, we have the expertise in quality builds that exceed Australian Standards. Latest build – Flow Climbing.

Fitness Gyms

In an emerging trend, fitness gyms are starting to install training walls to diversify their fitness offerings. Training walls (like the Kilter Board) present a thorough climbing experience in a compact layout. See The Cave Gym

Schools and Colleges

Builds at schools and colleges might not be the largest, but they still have to be functional and look fantastic – especially decked out in school colours and custom matting. Check out our build for Arcadia College.

What Goes Into a Complete Climbing Wall Installation?

There are many aspects of a build that differ between projects – from the materials used to construct the premises, local council rules and safety permits to available materials and installers, these are all things that need to be taken into account for every build.

At ICP we know what will work for budgets both large and small. We want your gym to be as successful as you do, so we can tell you where you could save some coin and where it’s sensible to spend more money getting the right product for the job.
We’ve broken down some more considerations for a climbing wall build below:

At ICP we have a dedicated Research and Development department, developing the safest matting in the market. They help us find better materials for fixings along with stronger, quicker and cheaper construction methods.

Many of the products needed to build a climbing wall come from Europe, as well as parts of America and Asia. Lockdowns or delays can impact material availability and affect costs. Our Project Manager will keep you up to date with any changes that could affect your build.

Shipping & Transport
We align deliveries from all across the globe to ensure a smooth transport and delivery process. We ship all components of your walls, matting and holds directly to your door, ready to be installed.

There are a lot of considerations when finding the right venue for your climbing gym. From negotiating your lease to managing parking and visitor access, plumbing to Standards Australia certification. ICP will guide you through it all.

ICP has its own team of experienced installers to guarantee the quality of the build. Our Project Management team oversees potential issues such as travel restrictions to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.

Important Tips When Considering A Climbing Wall

We love to help clients find the right people and get up to date information, to get the wall they want. Our Resource Hub has articles about our top 4 tips when planning to construct a climbing wall: