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Sloper Characteristics

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Users: Moderate – Pro
  • Grip Area: Whole hands
  • Size: Medium – Large
  • Price Per Sloper: $16 – $1200

Striking fear in many good climbers, slopers are possibly the hardest climbing hold to master. These often featureless holds are large and round, offering an open hand grip. What makes them challenging is the lack a defined edge, where intended use and best grip is not always clear.

Slopers demand whole body strength, engaged thinking, muscle control and commitment. Which often means they require multiple attempts and a few falls in between.

Pictured: Jimmy’s Southern Slopers 2XL 1 by Kilter

Kilter / Sandstone XL 1 Slopers

Cheeta / 2018 Meg 1

Flathold / Revival V01.04

We stock many quality slopers from a variety of manufacturers and above are just a few suggestions.
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Tips For Climbing Slopers

With slopers it’s all about downforce and surface tension.

  1. Get close to the wall and keep weight under the hold as much as possible.
  2. Engage the whole hand, arm, shoulder, core and back while concentrating on finger and hand placement.
  3. Keep the hands dry and chalked up. One of the main goals is to learn to trust your grip
  4. Control breathing while moving quickly and efficiently.
  5. Some slopers are best tackled in colder temperatures.

Pictured: Cheeta XXL1