“Make it Simpl. Climb Simpl.”

Simpl Volumes

The names says it all. Shapes that appear simplistic in design at first, but achieve a great deal in terms of movement, controlling the beta and keeping climbers thinking. Not only are Simpl Volumes a great base to fix climbing holds onto, they come in a wide range of scaled sizes and are completely stackable. The team at Simpl and sister company 360 Holds are well known for trying new things, like new combinations of textures, new shapes and creating problems for route setters to enjoy.

The iconic striking lines of Simpl Volumes highlight the areas of dual texture forcing movement as route setters intended.  Eye-catching combinations can be made by stacking and joining volumes together, to create small cracks, tiny edges, and giant  outcrops. Simpl Volumes are expertly designed from their head office in Slovenia, are made from only the best European materials and feature quality fixing points. Climbing gym owners apricate the durability and textures that Simpl Volumes provide, the pleasing aesthetics they display when on the wall, and the versatility and control available for route setters.

Top Volumes From Simpl

From the many sets of Simpl Volumes we have used over the years we have a couple of favourites here at ICP: the classic and iconic Wooden Trapez and Flat Pyramids sets. Visually stunning, these volumes require a place in every decent climbing gym.

Simpl Volumes are sold exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by ICP.

Simpl Holds

Simon on Trapez Volumes from Simpl