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Satellite Holds and Macros

Established and run out of Japan, Satellite Holds offer a fresh perspective on climbing grips. Satellites goal is all about increasing climbing possibilities with unique hold shapes and materials. They want to deliver fresh, new holds frequently to market and then see them readily adopted by the industry. They believe their holds have the ability to handle multiple grades and can be used for intended routes or a range of new movements. Satellite makes holds that are ergonomic and should challenge climbers at multiple angles.

Satellite is also very keen on community interaction. There is a Satellite App that not only logs training schedules but also tries to increase the appeal of climbing, hopefully getting people back into climbing gyms through an entertaining game-like interface. Satellite really cares about increasing the number of weekly climbers and also raising the profile of climbing in the general public.

The company is led by Toshi Takeuchi, who has a love of both indoor and outdoor climbing. He was a competitive indoor climber representing Japan and appearing in World Cups then later in life developing a passion for extreme outdoor rock climbing. Chief shaper Shinta Ozawa is also a former world cup climber, who now is a lead coach to the Japanese Olympic Team.

Satellite Holds can be enjoyed by climbers of all abilities. Their themed sets are very appealing but also challenging, the perfect combination for inspired climbing holds.

Satellite climbing holds and macros are sold exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by ICP.

Satellite Holds

Satellite Chief Shaper Shinta Ozawa