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Pinch Characteristics

  • Difficulty: Medium – Hard
  • Users: Moderate – Pro
  • Grip Area: Whole hands
  • Size: Small – Large
  • Price Per Pinch: $12 – $650

When it comes to a comfortable pinch, hand size is really important and so is the size of the hold. A pinch hold that is easy for one climber might be difficult for the next.

Pinches are primarily used when placed vertically or diagonally forcing the recruitment of the thumb. They are often identified at the local gym by their hourglass shape.

Using the thumbs should always be encouraged as it provides a greater grip strength, no matter the hold type.

Pictured: Flathold Thunderbirds V04.02

Kingdom / Love Handles Medium

Kilter / Brushed Sandstone Kaiju Ribs

Flathold / Creature of Comfort

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Tips for Climbing Pinches

It’s all about the pressure created between the thumb and fingers.

  • Move your weight under or to the sides of the hold. This will create a more comfortable grip. Avoid leaning straight back as this will increase the thumb strength necessary for the grip.
  • Focus on moving most of the force to be against the fingers – the thumb is there for support.
  • Sometimes including part of your palm beneath the thumb can increase your surface area, reducing the required strength.
  • Twisting your wrist towards the thumb reduces the chance of slipping off.
  • Sometimes the inclusion of the thumb can add that little more comfortability and confidence.

Cheeta / Taji Pinch