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Elevation Climbing Holds and Volumes

When two highly skilled hold shapers come together and start their own business, quality products are sure to follow. Elevation Climbing now has a team of shapers making a wide range of in-demand quality macros. They take pride in their craft and desire to inspire route setters, to create without limitations.

Constantly working on improving their materials and the finished product, Elevation holds are deigned to withstand heavy gym use and will not chip or peel.

Mark has been setting since the age of seventeen and has ben heavily involved in the climbing scene ever since. He now owns 2 climbing gyms and has built four holds brands, including the well-known Kingdom Climbing. Ryan is a mech engineer and is behind two more holds manufacturing companies, one of which is at the forefront of fibreglass innovation.

Elevation use a very modern recipe for their macros. They use as epoxy fibreglass shell that is then fused with a poly-urethane coating which results in an incredibly strong bond and impact resistant climbing hold. The urethane surface is also less aggressive on climbers skin.

Top Holds From Elevation

Recent popular products include the Hive System which offers mirrored symmetrical surfaces which are stackable through any number of combinations.

Elevation Climbing holds and volumes are sold exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by ICP.

Elevation Climbing

Elevation Founders Mark & Ryan